Why Chef Jack Luby’s Glow Up is so incredible

Cook Jack Luby is currently debuting on Below deck Mediterranean Season 8. Sure, Jack has let the charter guests down at times, but his heart is strong. His interactions with his colleagues also prove to be positive. He turns his ear away from the petty drama of the Home Department and works hard to produce quality dishes, always putting his craft first.

But as he looked back on his season, he realized how little he had prioritized himself. Since Jack didn’t like what he saw, he started making changes. Now, a year after filming Below Deck, Jack is like a whole new man, aside from his still-strong accent. Overall, Jack’s glow is pretty incredible, and we’ll tell you why.

Jack overcame chronic lower back pain

Jack Luby/Instagram

Dealing with chronic back pain sucks. But after years of “bad form,” that’s exactly what Jack was faced with. Fortunately, Jack was able to process his pain while relearning the correct patterns. “I’ve been doing a lot of physical therapy for the last 6 months and have actually started stretching daily (believe this isn’t overrated) and now I feel like a new, completely new person.” Jack wrotewhat I could read in his accent.

Yacht chefs don’t have much free time to train

Jack Luby/Instagram

It’s rare to see a lazy person on Below Deck without being fired soon after. The reason for this is that this job is not for the faint of heart. You see, as soon as Jack gets up, he has to worry about getting out the breakfast service, which usually involves multiple performances of eggs, also known as Jack’s nemesis. This is followed by the lunch preparation, which becomes the lunch service, which is then repeated a few hours later for dinner, and this doesn’t even include the lunch or night snacks requested by the guests.

Obviously, working on a yacht doesn’t provide much time for self-care. A few years ago, Kate Chastain actually did a behind-the-scenes look at this topic. “I think everyone should know that #BelowDeck is one of the most difficult shows out there for the cast. Every evening, after working for more than 16 hours, we would lie down in our tiny bunk and wave at the camera to turn off our lights.” Kate explained.

With so little time during the day and production in control of every detail, even if the lights can be turned off at night, your world is not your own when filming this hit Bravo series. Additionally, it is difficult to maintain healthy habits such as going to the gym, staying hydrated throughout the workday, and getting enough sleep each night. It’s understandable why Jack’s health took a back seat. It’s incredible how Jack’s fitness has changed after a year of hard work.

Jack regains his health in various ways

Jack Luby/Instagram

Not only does Jack faithfully hit the gym, he also takes advantage of his increased abilities culinary skills to contribute to his overall health. Calories in versus calories out are important, as is monitoring protein and fat intake while limiting processed foods. Plus, it looks like Jack has finally mastered egg breakfast dishes…

Split a recipe For “Vegetable Omelette and Spinach,” Jack showed how he prepares one of his post-workout meals. This recipe lists the calorie and protein counts for this breakfast and is quite doable even for subpar kitchen users. Speaking of myself, I’m not going to lie, I’ll do it later, but not after a visit to the gym, because baby steps.

Jack also drinks a lot less these days. In an interview with The messenger, Jack explained: “I think the pressure that comes with being a chef, I don’t want to make excuses, but it makes you drink a lot. It leads you to make bad decisions.” However, Jack isn’t sober, as he added that he still drinks, but only on “special weekend occasions.”

These days, Jack drinks less and eats balanced meals. He then spends hours in the gym. It’s clear to see that Jack has taken his life back in several areas. For this reason, we think its glory is well-deserved and admirable.

The results speak for themselves …

Jack Luby/Instagram

It’s been a year since Jack left Below Deck’s motor yacht Mustique. After filming, Jack headed to Bali for a “long-needed break,” I typed, feeling bad. Once there, Jack’s fitness and wellness journey began. “I’ve spent the last year just training, exercising, eating healthy and just trying to develop a good mental attitude,” he explained.

As for the results, Jack emphasized: “I feel like a new person mentally, physically and in terms of confidence after stepping out of my comfort zone, achieving all these goals and taking part in all these competitions.” In turn, Jack’s mental health has also improved. “My confidence is much higher. I think I have a lot more self-esteem,” he said in his interview.

Looking at Jack now, he really seems to be at the top of his fitness and wellness game. We love this transformation for him and hope he continues to strive to be his best self in the years to come.

Jack now uses his platform to encourage others

Jack Luby/Instagram

Over the years, Below Deck has attracted many top chefs. With every drama-free dish that leaves his galley, Jack becomes another of the series’ varied success stories. Now Jack is using the platform that has strengthened this series and encouraging others who may also want to reclaim their lives.

In his interview, Jack said: “When you make fitness and health your priority in life, everything falls into place. Have no fear. Get out of your comfort zone and you will find that if you have the discipline to go to the gym and get healthy, you will gain discipline in every area of ​​your life.” Jack, your shine is incredible and we know you are on yours way you will actually inspire others.

Tell us – what do you think of Jack’s Below Deck fitness transformation post?

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