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From the political corridors of Canada to the television studios, Suzanne Perry’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring. In addition to her successes in the professional world, she has also been in the spotlight as the mother of one of the most popular television actors, Matthew Perry.

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Who is Suzanne Perry?

Suzanne Perry is an epitome of versatility. She is a Canadian journalist, former model, author and was press secretary to esteemed Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. While many recognize her as Matthew Perry’s mother, she is a force to be reckoned with in her own right.

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Suzanne Perry profile summary
  • Full name: Suzanne Perry
  • birth date: 1939
  • Profession: Journalist, political consultant, fundraiser
  • nationality: Canadian
  • Marital status: Married to Keith Morrison
  • Children: 5 (including Matthew Perry)
  • Net Worth: Estimated at $11 million
Suzanne Perry age

Suzanne Perry was born in 1939 in the quiet area of ​​Canada and is currently 74 years old. She is expected to turn 75 in 2023.

Suzanne mourns the loss of her son

The entertainment industry and fans worldwide were devastated by the untimely death of Matthew Perry. For Suzanne, the grief was immeasurable. He reportedly drowned accidentally, likely caused by a sudden heart attack while Matthew was in his hot tub. This tragic incident highlights the unpredictability of life.

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Suzanne Perry career

Suzanne’s illustrious career is a testament to her tenacity and diverse talents. She began her career as a model, ventured into the world of politics and became press secretary to the esteemed Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. As part of her journalistic work, she was a presenter for Global Television News. Their roles didn’t stop there. With a knack for strategic communications, Suzanne became a sought-after political consultant and fundraiser.

Suzanne Perry’s Net Worth

With a net worth of around $11 million, Suzanne’s wealth is a testament to her diverse roles and achievements in journalism, political consulting, and fundraising.

How many times has she been married?

Suzanne’s heart has found love twice. First, she married the charismatic actor John Bennett Perry, with whom she was blessed along with Matthew. Later, life took her to Keith Morrison, the Canadian radio star, with whom she started a beautiful family with four children.

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Undoubtedly, Suzanne Perry is the proud mother of the inimitable actor and producer Matthew Perry. Their bond was evident in their mutual respect and admiration for each other’s careers.

Who is Suzanne Perry’s husband?

Currently, Suzanne finds companionship with Keith Morrison, a revered name in Canadian journalism known for his work with Dateline NBC.

Relationship between her and Matthew Perry?

The relationship between Matthew and Suzanne was the epitome of a loving mother-son bond. Suzanne’s unwavering support was pivotal in Matthew’s journey from aspiring actor to global sensation.

How many children does she have?

Suzanne’s life is enriched by her five children. In addition to her famous son Matthew, she shares her life with Caitlin, Emily, Willy and Madeleine, children from her marriage to Keith Morrison.

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Matthew proposed to Molly Hurwitz

Personally, Matthew Perry found love with Molly Hurwitz. Their engagement announcement in 2020 brought great joy to fans and well-wishers.


Suzanne Perry embodies resilience, versatility and grace. Her life story, intertwined with the legacy of her son Matthew Perry, reminds us of the powerful influence a mother has. Despite challenges and celebrations, Suzanne stands as the epitome of strength and inspiration.

FAQs about Suzanne Perry, Matthew Perry’s mother
  1. How did Suzanne make the transition from modeling to politics? Using her communication skills, Suzanne transitioned from the modeling world to becoming press secretary to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.
  2. Did Suzanne influence Matthews’ acting career? As Matthew carved out his niche on his own, Suzanne’s unwavering support certainly played a crucial role.
  3. How close were Suzanne and Matthew? Their bond was deep and characterized by mutual respect, love and admiration.
  4. What contributions does Suzanne make to Canadian politics? In addition to her role as press secretary, Suzanne’s strategic policy advice and fundraising efforts significantly influenced Canada’s political dynamics.
  5. Who are the most notable people in Suzanne’s life? Aside from her son Matthew, Suzanne was closely associated with figures such as Pierre Trudeau and Keith Morrison, shaping their path both personally and professionally.

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