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Clara Chia Martí has ​​recently received a lot of media attention for dating Gerard Piqué, the Spanish footballer known for his long-term relationship with pop star Shakira. This article looks at Clara Chia Martí, her background and the details of her relationship with Piqué.

Who is Clara Chia Marti?

Clara Chia Martí, born in 1999, is a 24-year-old Spanish citizen from Barcelona, ​​Spain. After her breakup with Shakira, she came into the spotlight as Gerard Piqué’s new romantic partner.

Educational and professional background

Clara is studying public relations at a private university in Spain. She has also worked as a waitress and is reportedly involved in handling special events for Gerard’s film and television production company, Kosmos.

Where did Clara Chia Martí and Gerard Piqué meet?

While the exact details of their first meeting are not publicly revealed, it is known that Clara works for Gerard’s company Kosmos, suggesting a professional environment as the backdrop for their first meeting.

How did the relationship between Clara Chia Martí and Gerard Piqué begin?

The couple went Instagram official on January 25, 2022 and were first seen publicly together in August 2022 at the Summerfest Cerdanya festival in Catalonia, Spain. Their relationship was further confirmed when Piqué brought Clara as his date to a friend’s wedding the following day

Why does Clara Chia Martí attract media attention?

Clara Chia Martí’s rise to fame is largely attributed to her relationship with Gerard Piqué. Piqué’s previous long-term relationship with Shakira was widely publicized, making his new relationship a subject of media intrigue.

What is known about Clara Chia Martí’s private life?

Apart from her studies and work, little is known about Clara’s private life. She maintains a private Instagram profile and seems to prefer to keep her private life away from the public.


Clara Chia Martí, a young student and professional player, has come into the spotlight through her relationship with a famous soccer player. While she keeps a low profile, her connection to Gerard Piqué continues to attract media attention.

FAQs about Clara Chia Marti
  • Q1: How old is Clara Chia Marti?
    A1: Clara Chia Martí is 24 years old in 2023.
  • Q2: What is Clara Chia Martí’s job?
    A2: She is a student and works for Gerard Piqué’s company Kosmos.
  • Q3: How did the relationship between Clara Chia Martí and Gerard Piqué become public?
    A3: Their relationship became public when they were spotted together at a festival in August 2022 and was subsequently confirmed through social media and public appearances.

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