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In the pantheon of famous love stories, there are few as enigmatic and fascinating as those of Carlos Scola Pliego and Sade Adu. The reclusive Spanish filmmaker, who was once married to the British-Nigerian singer, is a mysterious figure. This article looks at the life of Carlos Scola Pliego and examines his intersections with fame, love, and art.

Who is Carlos Scola Pliego?

Carlos Scola Pliego, a Spanish filmmaker, rose to prominence thanks to his marriage to the legendary singer Sade Adu. Despite his brief brush with celebrities, Pliego leads a life largely hidden from the public.

How did Carlos Scola Pliego and Sade cross paths?

Their paths crossed by chance in Spain when Sade was filming music videos for her album Promise. Carlos, who was working as an assistant director at the time, caught the “Smooth Operator” singer’s attention and a romance quickly developed.

What marked the highlight of Carlos Scola Pliego’s career?

Pliego’s career peaked when he worked on notable films such as Eleni with John Malkovich and the 1985 miniseries Christopher Columbus. His contribution to the James Bond films “Never Say Never Again” and “The Curse of the Pink Panther” highlighted his versatility and prowess in the film industry.

What careers has Carlos Scola Pliego tried?

Carlos delved into various facets of filmmaking, including script supervision, assistant director, and finally directing and producing. His documentaries “Ngira: Gorilas en la montaña” and “Donde termina el corazón” demonstrated his skills as a narrator and his affinity for African culture.

How did the relationship between Sade and Carlos Scola Pliego begin?

Their relationship blossomed against the backdrop of Spain’s picturesque landscapes. Sade, seeking solace over her growing fame and the loss of her father, found solace in Carlos’ arms. Their love story culminated in a fairytale wedding in a Spanish castle on October 11, 1989.

Why did Sade and Carlos Scola Pliego break up?

Despite a love that seemed destined to last forever, their marriage fell apart within a year. The reasons for their split remain as private as their courtship, but Sade hinted at a tumultuous ending that would take years to overcome.

How did marrying Carlos Scola Pliego influence Sade’s music?

The fallout from their union had a major impact on Sade’s music. Her album Love Deluxe reflected the heartache and depth of love she experienced. Songs like “No Ordinary Love” testify to their intense, if short-lived, relationship.

What is known about Carlos Scola Pliego’s life after divorce?

After the divorce, Carlos retreated into a life away from the public eye. While his ex-wife continued to delight the world with her music, Carlos’ life after Sade’s death remains a mystery, and there are only sporadic glimpses of his professional activities.

Did Carlos Scola Pliego and Sade have children together?

During their time together, the couple had no children, allowing them to separate without the added complexities of co-parenting.

How does Carlos Scola Pliego’s legacy endure?

Carlos’ legacy, intertwined with Sade’s music, endures in the timeless melodies that hint at their love story. While his own professional achievements are notable, his influence on Sade’s music gives him an eternal presence in the world of art and emotion.


Carlos Scola Pliego, a man whose life crossed paths with one of the most captivating voices of our time, remains an enigma. His influence on Sade Adu and their music is undeniable, and his legacy, while not widely known, is immortalized in the hauntingly beautiful melodies that tell the story of their love.

FAQs about Carlos Scola Pliego
  1. Who is Carlos Scola Pliego?
    Carlos Scola Pliego is a Spanish filmmaker best known as the ex-husband of singer Sade Adu.
  2. How did Carlos Scola Pliego and Sade Adu meet?
    They met in Spain in 1985 when Sade was filming music videos for her album Promise.
  3. Why did Carlos Scola Pliego and Sade Adu divorce?
    The exact reasons for their divorce are not publicly known, but Sade has indicated that it was a turbulent time in her life.
  4. Did Carlos Scola Pliego and Sade Adu have children together?
    No, they didn’t have any children together.
  5. What is Carlos Scola Pliego’s job?
    Carlos Scola Pliego is a film director and has worked in various roles in the film industry.

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