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Julia Fox Net Worth:- With an estimated net worth of $30 million, Julia Fox’s journey from a struggling actress to a millionaire is a tale of determination and talent.

The Italian-born American’s claim to fame was catapulted by her role in the Netflix series Uncut Gems, and she is a name that is generating a lot of buzz, especially after rumors linked her romantically to Kanye West. Here we reveal the financial portfolio of this multi-faceted personality

Who is Julia Fox?

A force to be reckoned with in the American entertainment industry, Julia Fox wears many hats: she is a model, actress, podcast host, visual artist, author, brand ambassador and producer. Her Italian-American heritage and a variety of professional pursuits make her a fascinating subject in the landscape of celebrity culture.

How old is Julia Fox?

Julia Fox was born on February 2, 1990 32 years old.


Fox’s career is diverse. Before becoming an actress, she founded a successful women’s knitwear line, Franziska Fox. As a model, she graced the last nude issue of Playboy in 2015 and has since been the face of many well-known brands and magazines. She is also a published author and has directed a short film.

Why is Julia Fox so famous?

Her talent and breakthrough role in Uncut Gems received critical acclaim and cemented her as a talented actress with a unique and brassy screen presence. Julia Fox’s online personality, fashion sense, and involvement in the art world have further increased her fame and made her a fascinating and endearing public figure.


Julia received her formal education at City-As-School in the USA. Her first jobs ranged from working in a pastry shop to a brief stint as a dominatrix.

Personal life

Fox’s personal life was as dynamic as her career. After marrying pilot Peter Artemiev, with whom she has a son, the couple eventually divorced. Her relationship with Kanye West in early 2022 caused quite a stir, although it was short-lived.

Prizes and achievements

Fox was nominated for a Gotham Award and a Toronto Film Critics Association Award for her supporting role in Uncut Gems.


Details about Julia Fox’s real estate investments are private, but given her net worth, it is safe to assume that she has made significant real estate investments.

Who is Julia Fox in a relationship with?

According to the latest updates, Julia Fox is not in a public relationship.

Who is Julia Fox’s child?

Julia Fox has a son named Valentino from her marriage to Peter Artemiev.

How did Julia Fox lose weight?

One of the biggest secrets behind Julia Fox’s famous weight loss journey is that she doesn’t stick to a strict diet plan that restricts her. Instead, Julia follows a healthy and clean lifestyle. Adopting a vegan lifestyle has contributed significantly to her ability to lose and maintain weight.

How many tattoos does Julia Fox have?

Julia Fox is no stranger to showing some skin nine well-known tattoos. Read on to see each piece of ink up close and learn their meaning.

Who was Julia Fox’s baby daddy?

On Monday, the 31-year-old Uncut Gems star posted a sweet slideshow of videos and photos on Instagram to celebrate baby Valentino’s first birthday. Fox – who is currently dating Kanye West – shares her son with ex Peter Artemiev.

How much is Julia Fox’s annual income?

Her annual income is estimated at over 100 $500,000which comes from her diverse endeavors as a model, actress and more.

What companies does Julia Fox own?

Fox co-founded the knitwear brand Franziska Fox, which is currently being discontinued.

Julia Fox Net Worth in 2023

30 million dollars.

Julia Fox’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be 30 million dollars.


Julia Fox’s financial portfolio is as diverse and vibrant as her career. From fashion to film, her diverse professional career and personal life contribute to her considerable fortune, making her a fascinating figure in contemporary culture.

Julia Fox Net Worth FAQs
  1. How much is Julia Fox’s net worth? As of November 2022, Julia Fox’s estimated net worth is $30 million.
  2. What is Julia Fox’s main career? Julia Fox is primarily an actress and model with activities in fashion design, writing, painting and digital content creation.
  3. What are some of Julia Fox’s most notable film roles? Fox is known for “Uncut Gems,” “PVT Chat,” “No Sudden Move” and more, including upcoming projects like “Puppet” and “The Trainer.”
  4. How much is Julia Fox’s salary? Her annual salary is estimated to be over $500,000.
  5. What is Julia Fox’s relationship status? As of the latest update, Julia Fox is not publicly in a relationship after her breakup with Kanye West and her divorce from Peter Artemiev.

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