The neighbor parked in front of MY driveway, so I left her an angry message… but then my doorbell camera caught her strange reaction

A NIGHTMARE neighbor repeatedly parked in front of a man’s driveway, causing him to leave a fuming note – but her reaction was shocking.

Bitter parking disputes can quickly escalate into petty madness – like this dispute between two residents fighting over a parking space.

The angry driver crumpled up the angry note and threw it into the garden


The angry driver crumpled up the angry note and threw it into the gardenPhoto credit: TikTok

In disturbing footage captured on a doorbell camera, a woman can be seen parking her car in front of the homeowner’s driveway.

Although it does not completely cover the entrance, its bumper is above the line that is considered an obstacle.

After struggling with the selfish parking for a while, the man ended up leaving an angry note on her car saying it was “rude” to block driveways.

The reckless driver took a moment to read the letter before marching to the house and tossing it crumpled into the front yard.

She stalks back to her car to leave when a new wave of anger seems to wash over her.

It seemed that throwing the note away wasn’t enough, so she returns and tears it into tiny pieces as she scatters them to deliver her heated message.

After the shocking but entertaining clip was shared on TikTok, people flooded the comments section with their disgust.

“I would have called a tow truck,” wrote one angry user.

“Use a bar of soap and write your message on her car,” joked a second.

Another wrote: “Petty and immature, poor thing.”

“Next time I’d brush it with an egg,” someone else said.

While others even suggested he let air out of their tires.

“I’m shocked you didn’t let them get towed, I would have done just because of things like this – they don’t respect you,” another added.

“Get the idiot arrested for littering and trespassing,” someone else said.

But there were some people who defended the driver and branded the note taker as “Karen”.

“Doesn’t look like it’s blocked anything unless you’re driving on the sidewalk,” one wrote.

“Your bumper was a little too high but you’re not blocked,” another agreed.

A third said: “She didn’t block the driveway, you were just being a Karen.”

“When you feel like you’re hurting and causing a problem when you can actually get in and out of your driveway,” someone else added.

In the UK, it’s not technically illegal for someone to block your driveway with their car.

However, if your bike is over the lowered curb, you are committing a parking offense and can be fined.

There are two types of dropped curbs: those for pedestrians, especially those with strollers or wheelchairs, and those for drivers who want to access driveways.

The Highway Code states that a car must not cause an obstruction to the road, but obstructing access to private property does not apply.

In the event that someone is blocking your driveway and does not want to leave, you can contact the municipality or even the police.

According to the Met Police: “If you can locate the owner of the vehicle, we recommend that you first politely ask them to move the vehicle.”

“If you can’t find her, leave a note on her windshield. After all, they may not realize that they have caused a problem. If that doesn’t work, please contact your local government.”

You can also report anti-social behavior to the police online.

This happens because other homeowners are upset about inconsiderate drivers stealing their spaces.

One shared a photo of his neighbor’s car parked in the middle of the driveway – and revealed how they got their revenge.

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Meanwhile, a woman has revealed she had her neighbor’s car towed because she didn’t stop parking on her property.

Plus, an automotive expert has revealed your rights when a nightmare neighbor parks across your driveway.

The nightmare neighbor tore up the letter and scattered it on the stairs


The nightmare neighbor tore up the letter and scattered it on the stairsPhoto credit: TikTok

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