The interview with Kevin Feige is deceptively informative

The interview with Kevin Feige is deceptively informative



Marvel has been in the news so much lately – but not for anything they’re releasing – that it was only a matter of time before someone asked Kevin Feige about it. That someone turned out to be Ash Crossan Entertainment tonightwho spent a few minutes questioning the president of Marvel Studios on the red carpet for the premiere of The wonders. Crossan asked Feige about some of the topics we’ve all been speculating about ever since The diversity Piece ran a week ago, and his answers were alternately evasive and insightful. You can see the interview in the following Twitter post:

Okay, first of all, do you notice how good fig is at this? I don’t just mean his answers, but also his behavior. It’s light, relaxed and once even made me laugh. And most importantly, he doesn’t go out of his way to denigrate anyone or anything. Why can’t he teach some of the obnoxious Disney stars how to do interviews without seeming like the most smug person on the planet?

Go on…

Kevin Feige Marvel

First, Crossan asks him about “the future of the MCU,” and Feige wisely focuses mostly on that The wonders and that Loki Finale, the two big events (at least for them) coming this week. While Crossan speculates about Easter Eggs and X-Men, Feige ducks and asks the question The wonders can be considered a standalone film with “a beginning, a middle and an end.” This is a sparring match; Feige now wants to draw attention to the film’s premiere, but Crossan – even though she doesn’t want to say it and shouldn’t say it – knows that no one cares and wants information about new projects in the future. And Feige gets along well, which unfortunately means we don’t learn much from him on the subject.

Kevin Feige MarvelKevin Feige Marvel

At least we don’t get much until the X-Men show up. Feige speaks X Men ’97, the upcoming sequel to the excellent ’90s animated series, and again he says it all right. He claims the finished episodes he’s seen “take you back to the core of who the X-Men are and the soap opera that these characters represent.” I have no idea if he’s on the same page about that level, but it’s a much better way to sell the show talk about the race and sexuality of the authors. But as for the X-Men’s live-action debut, he says we’ll see it “maybe soon.” In doing so, he fuels the rumors The wonders will see the X-Men enter the MCU without confirming or denying anything, and that’s a brilliant answer. Here Feige does more to entice people to watch The wonders than any of the trailers or cat posters. If the But he popularized the idea, and did so on purpose.

Kevin Feige MarvelKevin Feige Marvel

This next point is less significant, but speaks volumes about how poorly Phases 4 and 5 of the MCU went. Crossan asks Feige when we’ll next see Harry Styles, who played Eros in the mid-credits scene Eternal. Feige completely avoids this with a “We’ll see.” That’s because Eternal bombed, no one liked it, and it’s mostly disappeared from the MCU. If Eros does show up again, it will likely be in something unrelated to Eternals, such as a Thor or Avengers movie, so he can be incorporated into a film that might attract an audience. The lack of cohesion or overarching plan was noticed by many in the post.Endgame MCU, and this new book states that there was no plan and that even Kang being the central villain was a spur-of-the-moment decision. Eros was received with so little fanfare that I don’t think anyone would mind if it was dropped and never mentioned again, and something tells me Feige wishes it hadn’t been brought up in this interview. For example, does the same apply to Hercules, who was introduced in the mid-credits scene of? Thor: Love and Thunder? (I also like how he implements Taylor Swift’s suggestion as a Dazzler Deadpool 3: “Many musicians.”)

Kevin Feige MarvelKevin Feige Marvel

Then comes the kicker when Crossan asks him about the return of the “fallen Avengers,” specifically Iron Man and Black Widow. Feige’s answers to this are very interesting. Firstly, he acts like he has no idea what she’s talking about, which is complete nonsense; It is impossible for him not to know every detail in the world diversity Article. He is evasive because he wants to hide Marvel’s desperation. I understand, but don’t believe this confused reaction. But his answer is pure politics: “We didn’t discuss that at the closed meeting.” This prepositional phrase is the key; At this retreat in particular, they didn’t talk about begging Robert Downey Jr. to accept tons of cash and a solid gold Mickey Mouse statue in return. Maybe it happened at the water cooler, maybe there was lunch at Spago, but not at the retreat. This is the only option for him, but it’s transparent as hell. Whether or not this happens, I have no doubt that it will be discussed wherever these conversations take place, and Feige covers his bases should it work out. However, he mentions that they are “doing a project with Scarlett,” referring of course to Scarlet Johansson. Um… what? He said “We” and meant Marvel, not just Disney, so either it’s some kind of documentary or she’s playing Black Widow again. For example, it could be a flashback in another film Lightningor maybe she recorded a video being dug up…or maybe they talked to her about it Secret wars. One doesn’t preclude the other, but things happen that involve at least one of the original Avengers.

Oh, and he also confirms that he doesn’t do any war of stars Movie if anyone else thinks that would happen.

This brief conversation is more revealing than it seems, not only about the big things to come, but also about the state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after a few years of mistakes. And Feige played it just right. It’s funny, people used to say he seemed awkward in interviews, but now he’s a professional. I’m not saying I love what he’s doing with Marvel, but I’ll give him credit where it’s due.

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