Smart use of your old socks will prevent your car from burning out when temperatures drop in the winter

Drivers have been advised to use their old socks to prevent their car’s fuse from blowing in the winter.

When cold and wet weather sets in, it’s time to ensure your engine remains safe and reliable.

A pair of old socks can do wonders for your engine in the winter


A pair of old socks can do wonders for your engine in the winterPhoto credit: Getty

Forecasters have warned that autumn and winter could bring “some of the most disruptive conditions for people” out and about.

And a practical tip might not sound like much, but it could be incredibly useful.

Your old socks may no longer be your favorite pair, but they could still serve a purpose.

In a Met Office advisory, the RAC recommended drivers “place old socks or cardboard under the windscreen wipers to prevent them from sticking to the glass”.

Covering them prevents them from freezing to the windshield.

The RAC warned that major risks could arise if your windshield wipers won’t move.

They urged drivers to be aware that the circuit could overheat and blow a fuse.

This handy trick also helps your windshield wipers last longer in the winter months.

A clear windshield is essential for visibility at all times, but especially when there is snow.

Fog and haze can reduce visibility through the windshield in winter conditions.

You can also leave your windows slightly open to clear the windshield more quickly on a frosty day.

Chris Walsh, Head of Warning at the Met Office, said: “As the clocks go back it’s time to prepare for the winter weather.

“Whether it’s strong winds, cold snaps or even ice and snow, everyone can take simple, cost-effective steps now to prepare for winter weather.

“There are many useful and creative weather hacks that can help people avoid disruption but also make the most of the winter weather.”

It comes as a car maintenance expert has shown Motors a trick to defrost a car’s windscreen which costs 10p.

Meanwhile, visitors to a popular holiday hotspot have been warned of a major traffic ticket scandal.

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And a car expert was left disappointed after trying out a major brand’s new electric vehicle.

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