Shep Rose gives Taylor Ann Green some apology advice

An apology from Taylor Ann Green is not something everyone would get. But it’s time to stop explaining and apologize. Taylor did a poor job of justifying teaming up with Austen Kroll, audience unlikeable that she is Southern charm Co-stars. Most importantly, Olivia Flowers, who had a romantic relationship with Austen before he pursued Taylor.

After denying anything had happened when Olivia asked her directly, Taylor was forced to back down after Austen told her ex-boyfriend the truth Shep Rose. Needless to say, Olivia didn’t take the news well, wondering why Taylor would protect Austen and follow his suggestion to keep the whole thing a secret. Why shouldn’t Taylor prioritize her friendship with Olivia?

Midway through Season 9, Taylor faces the monumental task of apologizing to Olivia and making amends. And who better to ask for advice than Shep?

Taylor admitted she “broke trust.”

Entertainment tonight I got an exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming episode where the exes take a walk on the beach together with their pets. Shep advises his ex-girlfriend what to do next with Olivia.

“Some people would say it’s unfair what I want, which is to have a nice relationship with Taylor, not romantic,” Shep said during the clip. “But I am inexperienced in this area. This is new territory.”

Shep and Olivia have deepened their friendship this season through the betrayal of their exes. They also just joke around really well with each other. It’s the connection Southern Charm fans never knew they needed. And after the tragic death of Olivia’s brother, Shep generously offered his home to his family.

In this sneak peek, Shep was with Olivia and her family before meeting Taylor for a walk.

“Now you need to figure out what the next step is with Olivia and what you want your relationship to look like,” Shep advised.

“Yeah, I mean, I broke trust with a friend, and a very good friend at that,” Taylor admitted.

“I would just say, ‘I’m sorry. I should have told you straight away. It will never happen again. “If you want me, I would like to stay here and be your friend,” Shep said.

Taylor praised her ex-boyfriend. “That’s good advice,” she said.

Let’s see if it works. However, based on what Olivia said in real time, the friendship still doesn’t seem to be what it once was. As for Shep, he is completely innocent of the behavior that so upset Taylor before her affair with Austen became public knowledge.

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Tell us – what do you think of Shep Rose’s apology advice to TAYLOR ANN GREEN? How do you think Olivia will react? WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM THE FORMER FRIENDS THIS SEASON?

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