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Who is PewDiePie’s baby? On July 11, 2023, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg and his wife Marzia announced the birth of their son Björn. This announcement was highly anticipated by PewDiePie’s large fan base, who have followed his journey from YouTube content creator to family man.

How did PewDiePie prepare for his role as a father?

In the months before Björn’s birth, PewDiePie took a break from his YouTube career to prepare for fatherhood. He dedicated his time to setting up the kindergarten, attending parenting courses with Marzia and reading numerous parenting books. He even shared some of these moments with his fans on his social media.

What insights did PewDiePie share about the birth of his son?

In a 30-minute YouTube video titled “I’m a Dad Now,” PewDiePie opened up about the birth. The video included excerpts from her trip to the hospital, Marzia’s contractions and her first moments with Björn. PewDiePie spoke openly about his emotions, which ranged from fear to overwhelming joy.

What challenges did Marzia face during labor?

Marzia’s contractions lasted over 24 hours and there were worrying moments when the baby’s heartbeat became irregular. However, thanks to the medical team’s quick intervention, both Marzia and Björn remained healthy. PewDiePie praised Marzia’s fortitude and described her as a “warrior” for enduring such challenging work.

How have PewDiePie and Marzia adjusted to their new roles as parents?

PewDiePie expressed that the first few weeks of parenthood were a steep learning curve. He talked about sleepless nights, diaper changes and the joy of Baby Björn’s first smile. Marzia shared her breastfeeding journey and her newfound respect for all mothers on her blog.

What does the name “Björn” mean?

“Björn” is a name of Swedish origin and means “bear”. PewDiePie, who has Swedish roots, mentioned that he always liked the name for its strength and simplicity. The couple wanted a name that honored their Swedish heritage and felt “Björn” was the perfect choice.

How did fans react to the news of Björn’s birth?

Fans have flooded social media with congratulatory messages and artwork celebrating Björn’s arrival. Many noted that PewDiePie, known for his comedic and often controversial content, showed a more tender and vulnerable side as a father.

How did PewDiePie and Marzia announce the birth of their son?

They made a simple yet heartwarming announcement on their respective Instagram accounts. They posted a black and white photo of Baby Björn’s tiny hand wrapped around Marzia’s finger, captioned with his name and date of birth.

What was the reaction to the earlier PewDiePie controversy?

PewDiePie took a moment in his video to address a previous incident in which he was accused of mocking a deaf TikTok creator. He apologized sincerely and explained that it was a misunderstanding. This act of public accountability was well received by his fans and the general public and showed his maturity and responsibility.

What milestones has PewDiePie achieved on YouTube?

On YouTube, PewDiePie was a trailblazer, becoming the first individual YouTuber to surpass 100 million subscribers. His channel has amassed over 27 billion views, making him one of the most viewed YouTubers in the platform’s history.

How did the couple announce their pregnancy news?

Earlier this year, they shared their pregnancy news in an emotional video montage on PewDiePie’s channel. The montage included intimate moments like Marzia’s positive pregnancy test, ultrasound appointments and the gradual transformation of her home office into a nursery.

How did the world react to Björn’s arrival?

Björn’s arrival was met with enthusiasm around the world. Fans, fellow YouTubers and celebrities sent their congratulations. Major news outlets ran articles and segments about the birth, highlighting widespread affection for the couple and interest in their transition to parenthood.

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