People are now realizing that eliminating five kitchen utensils will instantly increase your internet speed

WiFi routers can be fickle, so it’s important to find the best place for them in your home.

Often the kitchen is a bad choice because it is full of devices that can affect your internet speed.

Home Wi-Fi problems can be caused by incorrect router placement


Home Wi-Fi problems can be caused by incorrect router placement

We’ve put together five items in the kitchen that your router shouldn’t be near.


Microwaves are one of the biggest culprits in stealing Wi-Fi speeds.

They are made of metal and can prevent your WiFi from reaching your devices.

Microwaves also emit competing signals.

That’s because they emit electromagnetic radiation that can interfere with your router’s signals.


The oven is another metal object to avoid with your router.

Your router emits radio waves and these are electromagnetic.

They are also easily absorbed by metal objects, which can cause blank spots on your home WiFi service.

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Stoves also give off heat, which is harmful to your router.

Overheated WiFi routers are likely to cause slow speeds.


The same problem applies to your refrigerator.

It is worth placing the router or metal object at a distance.


Any Bluetooth object can affect your Wi-Fi speed because the devices also send out competing signals.

These include speakers, baby monitors and even smart TVs.


There is often running water in the kitchen too.

Make sure your router is away from splashes.

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Large bodies of water can also affect your WiFi speed.

Water easily absorbs the radiation emitted by your router, leaving a black hole around the tank with no signal.

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