Marvel is considering giving up on Kang

Marvel is considering giving up on Kang



Marvel understands they have a Kang problem. Accordingly a new article from diversityA big part of Marvel’s annual retreat this year – held in Palm Springs in September – was discussing what to do with Kang the Conqueror, the central villain of MCU Phases 4, 5 and 6. The most immediate problem is that Jonathan Majors, the actor who plays Kang (in all his many variations), is on trial in New York for assaulting a woman, and more allegations have surfaced since the initial indictment. Additionally, Kang doesn’t appeal to audiences the way Marvel had hoped Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Bombing. Marvel is reportedly considering several options, such as recasting the role or “taking on another comic book antagonist like Dr. Doom.” But someone who is considered a “top dealmaker” believes they are sticking with him because of his strong presence in the MCU and inability to change direction during the writers’ strike; As he puts it, “Marvel is really screwed with the whole Kang angle.”

The legal questions of Jonathan Majors and Quantumanias Underperformance are certainly factors, but diversity fails to mention the main reason Kang has been such a disaster for the MCU: he’s poorly written. In all of his previous appearances he’s either been silly or ineffective and he’s died every time. How many times can your next big villain be defeated before it comes to the final battle where he is defeated again? There’s nothing at stake for Kang now that we saw Ant-Man one-shot him. The idea of ​​a Kang multiverse doesn’t matter either, because every time a Kang variant appears, he gets killed. You can’t keep saying, “But wait until you get to the next one!” Thanos stayed in the background in the MCU until he finally took action Infinity Warand he never loses until the final of Endgame; Even when he dies at the beginning of the film, it is on his own terms as he has secured victory. He felt like an unstoppable force, something the Avengers couldn’t defeat, and it took Tony Stark losing his life to finally defeat him. Kang doesn’t reach this level of menace; We have seen how he suffered great losses, not at the hands of his emissaries, but alone. This is the same problem that plagued Kylo Ren in 2000 war of stars sequels; We’d already seen Ray clean his watch, so he never felt like the threat the films needed. Now Marvel has its own Kylo, ​​and unless a massive change – or series of changes – is made soon, they’ll be stuck with him for several more years.

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