“Inside Out 2” teaser gets emotional

“Inside Out 2” teaser gets emotional



Today Disney/Pixar released the first trailer Inside Out 2. The 2015 hit was about a young girl named Riley who throws her life and emotions into chaos by making a gambit. Check out the new trailer here:

I do not want that. Who wants that? from the inside to the outside is adorable. It’s wonderfully animated, insightful and funny. But I don’t see the point in making sequels to evoke more and more emotions. We all know we can feel more than five things, but from the inside to the outside had a lot to say about growing up and facing new, frightening emotions. What can this film compare or complement? Joy and Riley had complete character arcs, so I don’t trust this film to respect that and come up with something new. Apart from Toy Story 2 And Cars 3, Pixar Sequels are not good at this. I’m also frustrated that they recast Disgust from Mindy Kaling to Liza Lapira and Fear from Bill Hader to Tony Hale. Did they think no one would notice? This is just another reason why this film probably shouldn’t have been made.

But what do you think? Am I too harsh? Do you need to see Riley get her period, go to college and get married? I feel like they’re pulling one Toy story here and take the story beyond its natural end.

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