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Vodacom, one of South Africa’s leading mobile networks, offers its customers the convenience of sharing data packages with others on the same network. This feature can be a lifesaver if a friend or family member runs out of data. However, the process can seem complicated. This article simplifies it for you.

Understanding Vodacom data transfer rules

To transfer data, both the sender and receiver must use compatible Vodacom packages. For example, prepaid customers can only transfer their data to other prepaid customers; the same also applies to postpaid and hybrid tariffs. It is also important to note that prepaid daily data packages cannot be transferred to a Mobile Broadband (MBB) SIM card.

How do I transfer data to Vodacom?

Before initiating a transfer, you must first link a qualifying Vodacom number. Here’s how:

  1. Dial *135#
  2. Reply with the “Services” option.
  3. Select “Data Transfer”
  4. Select “Manage Recipients”
  5. Select “Add Recipient” to associate a number
  6. Enter the Vodacom number you want to transfer data to

Once linked, Vodacom will send an SMS confirming the number has been successfully linked.

Transferring your data packages

Via USSD code

  1. Dial *135#
  2. Select “Services”
  3. Select “Data Transfer”
  4. Select “Select data package to transfer”
  5. Select the specific package you want to share
  6. Select the recipient from your list of linked numbers
  7. Confirm your selection

Via the Vodacom app

While the app doesn’t support linking numbers for data transfer, you can ask Vodacom chatbot ToBi for help. ToBi guides you through selecting the linked number, the amount of data and completing the transfer.

Things to keep in mind
  • Data transfer is available for prepaid, hybrid and postpaid subscribers.
  • Applies to one-time and recurring data packages.
  • Only the primary account holder can initiate a transfer.
  • Data transfer is free, but you cannot transfer free data packages.
Fix common problems

If you encounter errors when trying to link a number via the app, switch to the USSD method, which usually works without any problems.

FAQs about transferring data to Vodacom?
  • Can I transfer Night Owl data packages?
  • No, Night Owl data packages are not transferable to Vodacom.
  • How does Vodacom Family Sharing work?
  • The primary account holder can add up to six Vodacom members via the My Vodacom app or website and share the data accordingly.
  • Can I transfer Vodacom data to other networks?
  • No, Vodacom data can only be transferred between Vodacom users.

Sharing your Vodacom data with friends and family is straightforward once you understand the process and rules. Whether you use the USSD method or the Vodacom app, you can ensure your loved ones stay connected when they need it most.

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