Horrifying moment: Israeli commander calls for help after Hamas ambush leaves armored vehicle riddled with machine guns

DRAMATIC footage shows the moment Hamas terrorists storm out of their tunnels to spray rockets and bullets at Israeli fighters.

An Israeli commander is heard calling for help as his armored vehicle comes under attack during the deadly Hamas ambush.

Israeli fighters used airstrikes and artillery against Hamas terrorists


Israeli fighters used airstrikes and artillery against Hamas terroristsPhoto credit: Israel Defense Forces
Some Israelis were injured, but all survived


Some Israelis were injured, but all survivedPhoto credit: Israel Defense Forces
The Israeli armored personnel carriers were ambushed by terrorists hiding in tunnels


The Israeli armored personnel carriers were ambushed by terrorists hiding in tunnelsPhoto credit: Israel Defense Forces

The terrorists fired rocket-propelled grenades at a group of armed Israeli personnel carriers and attempted to plant explosives, while the Israelis called for air strikes, artillery and reinforcements.

Sweat glistened on the face of a crew member of Israel’s elite Golani Brigade who called the police radio from inside a 63-ton transport truck while gunfire rang out outside.

Some Israelis were injured in the attack, but miraculously everyone survived.

An official in the footage released by the Israel Defense Forces asked for assistance: “We need you to come towards us and kill everything that is outside the armored vehicles.”

Lt. Col. Tomer, the officer under fire who commanded the Golani Brigade’s 13th Battalion, told his commanding officer, Col. Peli, that his unit had been injured by rockets.

He explained: “We are doing our best, and we are now at war, we are surviving here and we need your help, over.”

The full audio recording continued: “Peli, this is Tomer. We are on the road leading south… We had a heavy attack on us with rockets and terrorists coming our way. We have hurt men, hard to say how many.

“I need some firefighting fire to repel the terrorists.

“It looks like the situation is calming down a bit, but we still need you to come at us and kill anything outside the armored vehicles.”

“We also receive machine gun fire on our vehicles.”

In a show of bravery, he added: “It’s all good, the main thing is to clean out this nest of terrorists that is here. We’re doing our best and we’re at war now, we’re surviving here and we need your help, over.”

Peli praised Tomer’s answer: “First of all, great, you are relaxed and work great.”

Tomer replied: “Great, and I repeat, it looks like things are calming down here. Most of the terrorists are dead, the attacks on us are slowing down.”

“We are confident. Please continue to move toward us and set fire to everything west and east of our route. In the south of …. In a few minutes it will be over and we can even start our mission in the morning.”

Some time later, Colonel Tomer said to the camera: “As we stopped, Hamas terrorists jumped out of the tunnels and surrounded us.”

“They hit us with RPGs and tried to get close to the Namers (armored personnel carriers) to plant explosives on them.

“Thanks to our quick reaction, we were able to kill some of them and push back the others with air fire, artillery and mortars and stormed them with the armored vehicles.”

“The result is that they are dead and we continue our ground war until victory.”

A lieutenant from the same unit summarized: “We had a night of fighting and were ambushed, fighting with and killing dozens of terrorists. We have almost no injured soldiers.”

“We had a good fight, the spirit and morale are good. And we are preparing for it.” next Fight…until victory.

Israel faces the daunting task of wiping out Hamas as the terror group has a 500-kilometer-long underground tunnel network called the Gaza Metro.

But Israeli forces are confident they will prevail despite the difficulty of fighting underground.

Earlier this week, the Israeli military claimed to have killed dozens of Hamas militants after storming the tunnel network and attacking underground facilities.

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The spider web beneath Gaza consists of 1,300 tunnels that Hamas began building in 2007.

An Israeli official called for urgent assistance to “kill everything” that was outside the vehicles


An Israeli official called for urgent assistance to “kill everything” that was outside the vehiclesPhoto credit: Israel Defense Forces

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