Gen V’s short finale leaves fans disappointed and wanting more


  • Gen V ended its debut season with short episodes, leaving fans wanting more and calling for longer running times in future seasons.
  • Fans reacted to the finale with a mix of excitement and frustration, praising the compelling narrative while expressing disappointment at the shortness of the episodes.
  • Despite the shorter terms Gen V has established itself as a distinctive force with a loyal audience eagerly awaiting the thrills of next season.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Gen V Episode 8.

Gen V ended its debut season with enthusiastic applause, but some fans were still longing for a longer series. This series, spun from the dark comedic essence of The young, was embraced with fervor. Fans have expressed their dissatisfaction with this season’s unexpectedly short episodes, particularly the finale, which ended abruptly after 32 minutes, leaving you wanting more. Gen V has gained a strong following with enthusiasts The young I appreciated the seamless continuity of the narrative. However, the pain of the shorter running times is particularly evident when compared to the main series, which boasts episodes that exceed the hour limit – a luxury Gen V Fans crave it.

Fan reaction to the finale was as electrifying as the events within it. On social media, viewers are actively posting about their mixed feelings of thrill and disappointment. From calls for “total chaos” to admonitions over the short episode length, the mood is a mix of exhilaration at the content and despair at its brevity. Even celebrated game designer Hideo Kojima (via X) tipped his hat to the season, while others, with half-joking anger, called for longer episodes in the series’ future – 60 minutes is the new standard expectation.

The visceral reaction to Gen V is a testament to his captivating narrative and the insatiable appetite of his audience. Even though the series is no longer on our screens, its impact remains – a testament to the passionate fan base it built. With expectations rising, one can hope that future episodes not only match the bold stories of the first season, but surpass them and actually deliver the longer episodes that fans are clamoring for.

The plot of the finale was twisted with the intent to shock and awe. In the explosive tale, Cate and Sam freed superpowered beings from The Woods, sparking turmoil across the Godolkin University campus. Godolkin’s Guardians – Marie Moreau, Andre Anderson, Emma Meyer and Jordan L – were drawn into the fray and their courage was tested as they contended with the chaos unleashed. Cate’s rebellion, based on a desire to alert her fellow warriors to Vought’s dehumanization, reached a bloody climax, culminating in the dramatic arrival of Homelander and his terrifying display of power.

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A shocking endgame: Generation V’s bold narrative move pays off

Gen V

Gen V

Release date
September 29, 2023

Patrick Schwarzenegger, Jaz Sinclair, Chance Perdomo, Shelley Conn

Action, adventure, comedy, superhero


Amazon Studios, Kripke Enterprises, Original Film

In a heartbreaking twist, Vought’s propaganda machine immediately vilifies the would-be heroes, blaming them for the catastrophe while hailing Cate and Sam as the institution’s new champions. In a haunting final scene, Marie awakens with her allies in a sterile hospital room that, remarkably, has no exits – an ominous allusion to Vought’s increasing control.

For the uninitiated, Gen V expands the universe, introduced by The young, which looks at the competitive landscape of young superpowers at Godolkin University, a nod to the X-Men’s alma mater. With Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters at the helm, this series subverts the promise of superhero greatness by injecting a dose of harsh reality and murderous ambition into the narrative.

As the dust settles over this explosive ending, Gen V has clearly established itself as more than just an offshoot of its predecessor. It’s an unmistakable force that has ingrained itself in viewers, making them eagerly await the thrill of the next season, no matter how long the episodes run.

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