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Although The challenge Season 39 has just begun, and it’s hard not to think about the show’s monumental 40th season. It’s pretty amazing that the MTV competition show has lasted this long, especially considering how tough some of the earlier seasons were. We don’t yet know which competitors will be on Season 40 of The Challenge, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some of them.

The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion is a departure from previous seasons, and rather than showcasing a series of fan-favorite champs, this season’s goal is to crown a new champion. It’s an interesting and fresh departure from the norm, but that probably won’t be the case in season 40.

The last big “anniversary” season, The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30, was a huge deal for MTV. This season featured the dirtiest competitors to ever play the game and the prize money was increased to a whopping $1 million. It is certain that MTV will go all out again in the 40th season and raise the stakes.

One way to make Season 40 special is to recast popular players who have been competing for years. In fact, I suspect that Season 39 will focus specifically on contestants who haven’t won yet. As a result, many of the fan-favorite former champions have a season off to put their best into training.

If my assumptions are correct, these are the former competitors (not necessarily champions) that I would like to see return in Season 40 of The Challenge.

Leroy Garrett

MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Ah, Leroy Garrett, the ultimate “always the bridesmaid, never the bride” player. Leroy took part took part in a whopping 12 seasons of The Challenge and even made it to 5 finals. However, he never managed to achieve the victory he so desperately desired. Leroy has been through a lot in his Challenge career and it was heartbreaking to see how he was always so close to victory and yet so far away.

The last time fans saw Leroy was on Double Agents, and he insisted it would be his retirement season. Since then, Leroy and his fiancée Kam Williams (also a fierce Challenge participant) welcomed their first child in 2022 and are due to have a second child soon. To be clear, it would be great to see Leroy and Kam compete together in Season 40, but since Kam is currently pregnant, she probably won’t be back in shape in time.

Leroy may be busy with fatherhood, but he’s been documenting his impressive fitness journey on Instagram. Can I say that he wants to give up the father body for a competition body? I would like to see Leroy try to win a final again. He’d be a really surprising addition to the cast, and he’s already getting into fighting shape, so make it happen, MTV.

Cara Maria Sorbello

Basically Basic/YouTube

If there’s one contestant who has become synonymous with The Challenge, it’s Cara Maria Sorbello. The red-headed powerhouse has participated in 14 seasons, reached 9 finals and won twice. Those are impressive stats and she has cemented her status as one of the strongest female competitors the show has ever seen. According to reports, she will appear in season 39, but only as a guest fighter, and she won’t actually compete in this season.

Cara Maria and MTV have had bad blood for some time now, ever since the fan favorite last appeared on War of the Worlds II. However, her appearance in season 39 gives me hope that Cara Maria could be back in MTV’s good graces, and what better time to return than in season 40!

CT Tamburello

MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

CT Tamburello is undoubtedly one of the most well-known OG competitors on The Challenge. The man is an absolute beast, he has played 19 seasons, reached ten finals and won half of those finals. CT even scored two straight wins in his last two seasons. He’s a formidable opponent who only seems to get better with age, and if there’s one former competitor that MTV is bringing back for Season 40 of The Challenge, it should be CT.

CT has paused the last two seasons, instead focusing on starting an acting career and dealing with a difficult divorce. But when Season 40 begins, CT could be ready to get back in the game. If MTV really wants to make Season 40 of The Challenge a monumental event, they owe it to the fans to bring back one of the greatest dogs to ever compete on the show.

Kyle Christie

MTV’s The Challenge

Well, Kyle Christie might not be one popular choice, but there are a few key reasons why I’d like to see him back. Firstly, the man is TV gold. He may not be the strongest or fastest competitor, but his ITMs were hugely entertaining. Kyle is self-deprecating and funny, but at the same time a snake who isn’t afraid to stir up the competition. It would be great to see Kyle compete again, just for entertainment reasons.

Kyle also recently gave birth to his first child and, call me a softie, but it would be nice if he got the chance to win some extra money to help his family. He only played seven seasons, reached three finals and never won. There’s a strong chance he would do well in the competition, but he deserves a chance – just like viewers deserve more of his epic soundbites.

Jenny West

MTV’s The Challenge

Jenny West isn’t exactly one The mainstay of the challenge. She only competed in two seasons, but she made a big impression, especially in her second season, Total Madness. It’s no surprise that she’s a fierce competitor. Jenny was bigger and stronger than most of the other female competitors and there were several daily challenges and elimination competitions in which she absolutely dominated.

Her most impressive performance was during the Total Madness finals. The grueling, snowy finale was intense, but Jenny absolutely nailed it. She actually took first place, the very first, beating all other male and female competitors. Even though the season awarded equal prize money to the male and female winners, I feel that MTV should have changed the rules and given Jenny the full pot – she definitely deserved it.

Since Total Madness, Jenny has only gotten into more impressive shape. It would be an excellent addition to The Challenge’s 40th season and would go a long way toward creating an intensely competitive atmosphere.

MTV made a big deal out of “Dirty 30,” and they should make season 40 of “The Challenge” an even bigger deal. It’s a monumental season for the competition show and it’s impressive that it’s still been popular for so long on the air. Hopefully MTV will add plenty of strong contenders and fan favorites to the lineup – including the ones I listed above.


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