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William Shatner, known for his iconic role as Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek franchise, has become a cultural icon whose career has spanned seven decades. Beyond his spaceship command, Shatner’s ventures have contributed to a sizable net worth that fascinates fans and financial analysts alike.

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Who is William Shatner?

William Shatner, born March 22, 1931 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is a versatile artist – actor, writer, producer, director, screenwriter and singer. His most famous role as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek series catapulted him to fame.

How old is William Shatner?

In 2023, William Shatner is 92 years old.


Shatner’s educational background includes attending Willingdon Elementary School and West Hill High School. He later graduated from McGill University’s Faculty of Management with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1952 and received an honorary doctorate from the same institution in 2011.


Shatner began his career in Canadian films and television and took on various roles in US television shows, his most notable being that of James Kirk in Star Trek. In addition to his acting career, he wrote books and ventured into directing and producing, expanding his influence and artistic repertoire.

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William Shatner’s Net Worth

William Shatner has a net worth of around $100 million, a testament to his successful and varied career.

Who is the richest Star Trek actor?

Among his Star Trek colleagues, William Shatner has a considerable fortune, although it is debatable whether he is the richest given other successful actors in the series.

Does William Shatner still get royalties from Star Trek?

Contrary to expectations, Shatner revealed in an IGN interview that he and his original series co-stars do not receive residual payments from Star Trek due to the timing of the series’ release relative to the establishment of residual payments in the industry.

How much does William Shatner charge?

Shatner’s booking fees range from $100,000 to $200,000 for live and virtual events, reflecting his continued popularity and influence.

Who owns Star Trek now?

The Star Trek franchise is owned by Paramount and CBS and includes television series, films and various spin-offs.

How much does William Shatner make for autographs?

The details of Shatner’s earnings from autograph signings are not publicly disclosed, but given his status, it can be assumed that they are significant.

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How much did William Shatner make per episode on Star Trek?

Shatner’s earnings per episode of the original Star Trek series have not been publicly disclosed, but he has noted that the salary was relatively modest.


William Shatner’s Journey from “Captain Kirk” is a story of perseverance, talent and clever personal branding. His story transcends the entertainment industry, inspiring generations and leaving an indelible mark on popular culture.

William Shatner Net Worth FAQs
  1. What are the main contributors to William Shatner’s net worth?
    • As an actor in film and television, particularly Star Trek, he also serves as a writer, director and producer.
  2. Did Shatner’s role in Star Trek make him rich?
    • While it increased his fame, his wealth is more due to his diverse career and business ventures beyond Star Trek.
  3. Has Shatner invested in any notable companies?
    • Details of his personal investments are not widely known, but his career choice suggests a strategic approach to business.
  4. What influence did his role in Star Trek have on his career?
    • His role as Captain Kirk was pivotal, shaping his career and opening doors to numerous other opportunities.
  5. What can we learn from Shatner’s career trajectory?
    • Diversification and reinvention are the keys to a lasting and successful career in the dynamic entertainment industry.

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