Cody Rhodes’ wife, Brandi Rhodes: Beyond the Ring

Professional wrestling is as much about the spectacle as it is about the athletes putting their bodies on the line. And behind many of these athletes is a partner who plays a central role both inside and outside the ring. Brandi Rhodes, wife of renowned wrestler Cody Rhodes, is one of those figures whose influence extends beyond her persona in the ring to include a diverse career and a key role in the wrestling world.

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Who is Brandi Rhodes?

Brandi Rhodes is a former professional wrestler, businesswoman and television personality best known for her time with WWE and All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where she served as Chief Brand Officer. Beyond the ring, she is also known for her role on the reality television series WAGS Atlanta.

How old is Brandi Rhodes?

Born on June 23, 1983, Brandi Rhodes is a testament to the saying that age is just a number. She has accomplished much throughout her years, both within the squared circle and in her various entrepreneurial ventures.


Brandi’s academic achievements are impressive. With a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Miami, her education has undoubtedly contributed to her success in various professional areas.


Brandi’s career path is as dynamic as it is inspiring. From figure skating to reporting news to stepping into the ring, she has demonstrated versatility and a tireless drive. Her wrestling career began with WWE and after her exit, she continued to make a name for herself with Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor. Brandi’s career reached a new height when she became an executive and wrestler for AEW.

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How did Cody and Brandi Rhodes meet?

Cody and Brandi’s paths crossed in the WWE and their shared passion for wrestling sparked a personal connection that quickly grew into a personal and professional partnership.

Does Cody Rhodes have children?

Cody and Brandi Rhodes welcomed their first child, a daughter named Liberty, in 2021. Parenthood has added a new dimension to their lives and enriched their journey together.

Is Cody Rhodes still married to Brandi?

Cody and Brandi Rhodes’ marriage is a strong bond forged in the world of professional wrestling. Their commitment to one another is evident in their support for each other as they navigate the challenges and successes of their careers and personal lives.

Did Brandi Rhodes wrestle in WWE?

Brandi’s in-ring experience in WWE was limited during her first stint as she primarily served as a ring announcer. However, her wrestling career was fully realized in other promotions where she broke barriers and set records.

How long have Cody and Brandi been together?

Cody and Brandi have been together for over a decade, their relationship growing stronger over time, marked by shared success and the joys of family life.

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Who is Brandi Rhodes signed to?

Brandi Rhodes’ most notable role in recent years has been with AEW, a company she helped shape from its inception. Since leaving AEW, her next professional moves remain a topic of interest for fans and insiders alike.


Brandi Rhodes’ journey with Cody Rhodes is a powerful tale of partnership, perseverance and the ability to redefine roles within and outside of the wrestling industry. From the rink to the wrestling ring and from the newsroom to the boardroom, Brandi’s story is one of relentless pursuit of excellence and a testament to the diverse roles partners play in the world of professional wrestling.

Brandi Rhodes FAQs
  1. What influence did Brandi Rhodes have on AEW? As Chief Brand Officer, Brandi played a critical role in shaping the company’s brand and identity, contributing to its emergence as a major force in professional wrestling.
  2. What background does Brandi Rhodes have in figure skating? Brandi was a competitive figure skater for 17 years, an experience that instilled in her discipline and athleticism that translated into her wrestling career.
  3. How did Brandi Rhodes balance her career and family life? Brandi has deftly navigated her various roles, from wrestling to business ventures to mother, while maintaining an admirable work-life balance.
  4. What educational background does Brandi Rhodes have? She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Miami, reflecting her strong academic foundation.
  5. What philanthropic work is Brandi Rhodes involved in? Both Cody and Brandi are known for their philanthropic efforts and are often involved in community service and charities. However, details of their individual philanthropic activities require further detail.

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