Captain Lee says Kyle Cooke contributed to Carl and Lindsay’s breakup

Captain Lee Rosbach may have left Below Deck, but he still has a lot of opinions. Many of these have to do with the Bravoverse, and now Captain Lee has his say Kyle Cooke.

Talking about his podcast: Salty with Captain Leehe addressed the downfall of Carl Radke And Lindsay Hubbard Engagement. He is good friends with “Summer House” star Carl, who also lost a close family member to addiction. Carl is now sober and some viewers suspect Lindsay’s partying may have contributed to the breakup.

But Captain Lee didn’t mention that aspect. Instead, he believes Kyle is at least partially responsible for the breakup.

“Words have impact,” said Captain Lee

“You know the guy who’s really pissing me off about this whole situation? Kyle [Cooke].” Captain Lee said during his podcast on November 1, “I think he contributed to that to some extent.”

“One night he was completely drunk and called Lindsay everything he could think of in front of Carl,” the captain explained. “And Carl sat there and took it and didn’t get out of shape and aggressive towards him. Which he had every right to do.”

The Season 7 incident pitted Carl against Lindsay after Kyle spoke disrespectfully to her. Carl, as Lindsay’s boyfriend, found himself in an awkward position between Kyle and Lindsay.

Maybe the argument was a catalyst. But this was filmed before Carl proposed to Lindsay at the end of the season in 2022. He ended the engagement months before their planned wedding earlier this year.

What did Kyle say about the breakup?

Kyle made comments about it E! News about the breakup at the beginning of the fall. “I don’t think Carl knew he was actually going to call it off until the conversation happened,” he said. “I only found out about this result afterwards.”

Captain Lee responded to these comments and reprimanded Kyle for his perceived involvement. He explained: “Then Kyle comes out and says he can see the cracks in the relationship. Wake up, you were part of the cracks. You’re supposed to be Carl’s best friend and every waking moment you talk to Carl you only talk bad about Lindsay. Is that what friends do?”

That sounds like an exaggeration, but the Stud of the Sea is entitled to his opinion. He values ​​Kyle’s interference and is surprised that the two Summer House boys remained friends after the breakup.

Captain Lee concluded: “I’m sorry to both of them. I think people who don’t know should realize that they don’t know and they shouldn’t speculate because their words have impact. I don’t know how Kyle and Carl stayed friends.”

Interestingly, Lindsay also chided Kyle for his strained friendship with her. However, they seemed to have gotten along well before the breakup. In a previous interview, Lindsay told exclusively Us weekly that: “Kyle always had it out for me. He thinks I’m a master manipulator who controls the universe, and he’s good friends with Carl,” she told us. “I think part of him wants to give Carl an ally, and part of him just always thinks that I’m the one who’s in the wrong. At this point I’m used to it.”

TELL US – DO YOU AGREE WITH CAPTAIN LEE’S COMMENTS? Was Kyle partially responsible for the breakup?

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