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Barbenheimer film happens



It was probably just a matter of time. Accordingly The Hollywood ReporterThe film is directed by B-movie filmmaker Charles Band Barbenheimer. The film spoofs the confluence of cinema that made tons of money that summer for both Hollywood and the theaters where both were located Barbie And Oppenheimer – two films that couldn’t be more different (probably; I haven’t seen them). Barbie) – were huge worldwide successes. Charles Band is known for making junk direct-to-video horror films; his two most famous directorial works seem to be Trancer And Puppeteerto give you an idea. But he is absolutely prolific, with eight films released in 2023 alone. So if you want to capitalize on the Barbenheimer trend while it’s still in the lexicon, he’s probably your man. Band, for his part, is in on the joke and knows exactly what kind of movie he’s making. When asked whether Barbenheimer was “a shameless attempt to capitalize on a cultural moment,” he said:

“It’s 100 percent true… But it’s also an opportunity to have fun with the bizarre marriage of these two films and their combination Barbies mood and the darkness of Oppenheimer. When you put those together, you have a great opportunity for dark humor.”

Go with God, man. I think if you’re into these kinds of movies, Barbenheimer could be a lot of fun. (I imagine it’s in an episode of “The best of the worst” with the Red Letter Media (Sooner rather than later.) And this somehow feels less shameless than a big-budget studio production hitting theaters; that would be ridiculous and desperate. But something like this was made for a concept like Barbenheimer; The only reason anyone talks about it is because the films were so big and the Barbenheimer sensation was inevitable. And with a budget of “just under $1 million,” it could even be profitable for whoever distributes it. It doesn’t just stop at the film either; The band’s production company, Full Moon, developed one Barbenheimer Toy line to match the film. Because what would a Barbie-adjacent movie be without toys?

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