Are the Avengers gathering again?

Are the Avengers gathering again?



Marvel wants to turn on the Avengers again. diversity published a long article about the many problems facing the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from poor CGI to market saturation, and while the article did its best to protect the company (no mention of its focus on identity politics, be sure to include a quote ending in which Kevin Feige is referred to as “the…”). “Babe Ruth of Movie Executives”) reveals some fascinating tidbits. One of the biggest – if not most surprising – is that Marvel is considering bringing back the original Avengers for another film, including “reviving Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow,” both of whom are now dead. diversity admits that Marvel has “not yet embraced the idea” of reviving its big guns and that stars like Downey and Johansson won’t come cheap, but this is a good indication of how out of control things are for Marvel are.

I don’t think this will shock anyone. Rumors have been circulating about the return of the old guard, and I’ve been predicting it for some time; When public interest wanes, what’s left is nothing new but the movies and shows lose money, at some point they have to go back to what works. Some point out that the actors said they had no interest in returning, but if Disney raised enough money they would suddenly remember how much fun it was to be a superhero. And they’re in a fantastic position now; Not only are they big names, they know that Marvel needs them way more than they need Marvel (except maybe Chris Evans). diversity Article suggests Marvel will finally make use of its Fox acquisitions, particularly the X-Men and the Fantastic Four; They would be wise to use the Avengers as a springboard for this phase of the MCU, which is probably the case Secret wars will be. Like many things Marvel promises, it’s something I want to look forward to, but after the last few years, I’m more worried about the Avengers being humiliated and cast aside than about them making the heroic comeback they deserve.

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