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The love story between an NBA star and a well-known model often captures the imagination of fans and media alike. In the case of Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid and Brazilian model Anne de Paula, their romance is nothing less than a modern fairy tale set against the glamorous backdrop of basketball courts and fashion runways.

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Who is Anne de Paula?

Anne de Paula is a Brazilian model who has carved a niche for herself in the highly competitive world of international modeling. She gained particular fame through her appearances in several Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues.

How old is Anne de Paula?

Anne de Paula was born on March 31, 1995 and was a young woman of 28 at the time of her marriage to Joel Embiid.


Anne’s educational path diverged from her original dream of becoming a doctor when she studied biology at a university in Rio. But the allure of the fashion world lured her and she dropped out of college to concentrate on modeling after winning a significant victory in a model search competition.


Anne’s modeling career received a significant boost when she won Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Model Search in 2017. Since then, she has been a fixture in the magazine’s annual issues, walked the runway for top fashion houses and starred in campaigns for major beauty brands.

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Are Embiid and Anne de Paula still together?

Yes, Joel Embiid and Anne de Paula cemented their relationship by tying the knot in a beautiful ceremony in Southampton, New York on July 22, 2023.

Who did Embiid marry?

The Cameroonian NBA star married Anne de Paula, the Brazilian beauty and a well-known face in the fashion industry.

Which NBA player married a model?

Joel Embiid, the Philadelphia 76ers’ MVP-caliber player, married Anne de Paula, a model who graced the pages of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issues.

Was Joel Embiid born in Africa?

Yes, Joel Embiid was born in Cameroon, a country in Central Africa, and maintains a deep connection to his homeland.

Why does Embiid have French citizenship?

Embiid acquired French citizenship based on his exceptional contribution to his field, which is consistent with certain provisions of French naturalization laws recognizing such achievements.

What nationality is Joel Embiid?

Joel Embiid is a multi-citizen who, in addition to his Cameroonian origins, also has American citizenship and recently acquired French citizenship.

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What is Anna de Paula’s net worth?

Anne de Paula’s success as a model and social media influencer has led to an impressive net worth, estimated at $14 million in 2023.


The union of Joel Embiid and Anne de Paula represents a beautiful fusion of the worlds of sport and fashion. As they continue to build their lives together, their respective success stories are a testament to the power of commitment, be it on the court or the runway.

FAQs about Anne de Paula
  1. How did Anne de Paula start her modeling career? Starting her career at the age of 13, Anne was discovered by a local agency and climbed the fashion ladder through various competitions and shows.
  2. What influence did Anne de Paula have on the fashion industry? Anne has made significant strides in the fashion world by appearing in top magazines and walking for high-end designers, proving her global appeal.
  3. Do Joel Embiid and Anne de Paula have children? The couple are proud parents, adding another level of joy to their personal life.
  4. How has Anne de Paula’s Brazilian heritage influenced her career? Anne’s heritage gives her modeling work a diverse cultural flavor, often celebrated in the fashion industry for its vibrant and dynamic qualities.
  5. What philanthropic endeavors does Anne de Paula participate in? Details of Anne’s philanthropic efforts would require further insight, but public figures of her stature often engage in charitable activities, consistent with the social responsibility that comes with their influence.

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