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Nick Jonas, widely known as a pop sensation and prominent figure in the entertainment industry, has not only captivated audiences with his music and acting but has also built a significant financial empire. This article looks at Nick Jonas’ net worth and how it compares to that of his wife Priyanka Chopra.

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Who is Nick Jonas?

Nicholas Jerry Jonas, born September 16, 1992, is an American singer, songwriter and actor. Nick gained fame as part of the Jonas Brothers, a band he formed with his brothers Kevin and Joe, and also achieved notable success as a solo artist and actor.

How old is Nick Jonas?

In 2023, Nick Jonas is 31 years old.


Nick Jonas was homeschooled by his mother, Denise Jonas. His training was tailored to his early entry into the entertainment industry.


Nick Jonas’ career began on Broadway at the tender age of seven. With his siblings he founded the band Jonas Brothers, which gained great popularity, especially among young audiences. Nick’s career continued to flourish even after the band’s hiatus, marking significant achievements in both his solo career and as an actor.

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Nick Jonas Net Worth

Nick Jonas has a net worth of $70 million along with his wife Priyanka Chopra. His income comes not only from his music and acting career but also from his entrepreneurial ventures and endorsements.

Is Priyanka richer than Nick?

Priyanka Chopra’s net worth of $75 million surpasses Nick Jonas’s individual net worth of $50 million. However, the Jonas Brothers as a collective have a higher net worth of $115 million.

How much does Priyanka Chopra earn?

Priyanka Chopra charges a fee of around $2,43,437 per episode for television appearances and has an estimated annual income of around $21,90,839.40.

What company does Priyanka Chopra own?

Priyanka Chopra founded Anomaly, a hair care brand, in 2021. The brand values ​​sustainability and inclusivity in its product range.

How did Nick Jonas meet Priyanka?

Nick and Priyanka’s romance started when Nick messaged Priyanka on Twitter. Their first in-person meeting took place at the 2017 Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty, which eventually led to their marriage.

Did Nick and Priyanka have a child?

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra gave birth to their daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas via surrogacy in 2022.

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When was Nick Jonas diagnosed with diabetes?

Nick Jonas was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 13. Since then he has been committed to raising awareness and supporting diabetes.


Nick Jonas’ journey from pop star sensation to successful solo artist and actor showcases his versatility and business acumen. His net worth, along with his wife Priyanka Chopra’s successes, paints the picture of a power couple who have effectively combined talent, fame and entrepreneurship.

Nick Jonas Net Worth FAQs
  1. What Contributed to Nick Jonas’ Net Worth? Nick’s net worth is the result of his successful music career, both as a solo artist and with the Jonas Brothers, his acting roles and various business ventures.
  2. Has Nick Jonas invested in any companies? In addition to his music and acting career, Nick has invested in various business ventures, including a tequila company and a partnership with a fashion label.
  3. What are some notable acting roles of Nick Jonas? Nick has appeared in television shows such as Smash and films such as Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.
  4. How does Nick Jonas deal with his diabetes? Nick Jonas uses a combination of diet, exercise and insulin therapy to manage his type 1 diabetes. He also works with various organizations to raise awareness about the disease.
  5. What is the significance of Nick Jonas’ commitment to diabetes? As a celebrity, Nick uses his platform to educate the public about diabetes, inspire others living with the disease, and support related research and fundraising efforts.

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